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At its today’s sitting, the National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) unanimously decided to support Martin Herem as the candidate for the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces.

Chairman of the Committee Hannes Hanso said that Herem was the best candidate for this important position. “Herem is a highly competent and very upright officer who has passed all ranks in the Estonian Defence Forces, from a junior officer to a Brigadier General,” Hanso added. “I would entrust him with the position of the Commander of the Defence Forces.”

In Hanso’s opinion, the Defence Forces are facing serious challenges, and the Commander of the Defence Forces has to be responsible for coping with them. “The number of active servicemen has to increase to 3900, the number of rapid reaction forces will grow to 25,000 troops, and the annual number of conscripts must rise to 4000,” Hanso said.

Member of the National Defence Committee Ants Laaneots believes Herem is a steadfast and patient person who thinks first and then acts. He recalled the achievements of Herem as the Commander of the North-Eastern Defence Command, where he built up the organisation and integrated the activities of the Defence Forces and the Defence League.

In the opinion of member of the National Defence Committee Margus Tsahkna, Herem’s experience is invaluable; he has grown within the Estonian Defence Forces and has become a very good expert of foreign relations in his earlier positions. Tsahkna also considered Herem an excellent choice for the position of the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces.

Minister of Defence Jüri Luik introduced the candidacy of Herem to the National Defence Committee, saying that the candidate had top-level leadership qualities and thorough professional competence. According to Luik, Herem is a competent officer who is capable of seeing the wider picture, and who has also worked as a lecturer.

Brigadier General Martin Herem currently serves as Chief of Staff of the Estonian Defence Forces. He would start his service as the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces on 5 December, replacing General Riho Terras.

Photos of the sitting

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