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The Legal and Research Department of the Chancellery of the Riigikogu replies to the information requests of the MPs, presents its opinions and analyses draft legislation, explanatory memoranda and other procedural documents proceeded by the Riigikogu. The Legal and Research Department also commissions expert opinions and studies from research institutions to provide the Riigikogu with the needed background information for discussing and proceeding draft legislation.

Studies by the Legal and Research Department

Advisers of the Legal and Research Department carry out brief overviews and studies as well as analyses that the parliament needs to make decisions.

These are commissioned by MPs, committees, factions or staff of the Chancellery.

Topic sheets

At the initiative of the Department, topic sheets are published at least twice a month on issues that are important for the work of the MPs and the staff of the Chancellery, as well as on current social issues.

Studies and expert opinions

At the proposal of Riigikogu committees, the Legal and Research Department also commissions expert opinions and applied studies from universities and other institutions, to provide the background information that the Riigikogu needs in its work.

August Rei scholarship

The Chancellery of the Riigikogu has founded the August Rei scholarship for post-graduate and PhD students who are writing their thesis on the parliament, parliamentarianism or parliamentary assemblies in Estonia.



Last updated: 06.02.2017