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In cooperation with the Estonian National Library, the Chancellery of the Riigikogu issues publications the aim of which is to explain the functioning of the parliament, including the work of the Riigikogu. Riigikogu Toimetised, yearbooks, statistics collections, various booklets and other information materials are published regularly. Albums, children's books, translated books on parliamentarism, and many other publications are issued.

Riigikogu Toimetised

Riigikogu Toimetised (“The Proceedings of the Riigikogu”) is the title of the parliamentary journal, issued since 2000, that covers various topics of importance for the society. Have a closer look at the Riigikogu Toimetised here.

Topic sheets

On the initiative of the Research Department of the Riigikogu, topic sheets are published at least twice a month. They introduce issues of importance in the parliamentary work and topical problems of the society to the members of the Riigikogu and the employees of the Chancellery. Topic sheets also include research summaries, brief comparative analyses, explanations of terms, etc. Have a closer look at topic sheets here (in Estonian).

Information materials

Information materials are intended to be distributed to visitors of the Riigikogu, most of all to school students. They introduce the functioning and history of the parliament, and give an overview of the work of the Riigikogu and the architecture and history of the Riigikogu building and the whole Toompea Castle. Learn more about information materials here.

Albums and collections introducing the Riigikogu and Toompea Castle

The Chancellery of the Riigikogu also issues albums and survey collections relating to the architecture and history of Toompea Castle, parliamentarism, governance, population and many other topics of significance to the Estonian state. The albums and collections are addressed to members of the Riigikogu as well as the widest circle of people.


Cover of the book "Toompea loss" Title: “Toompea Castle”
Authors: Rein Zobel, Juhan Maiste, Mart Kalm
Designer: Peeter Laurits
Content editor: Harry LiivrandIn brief: Three distinguished Estonian art historians analyse the history of Toompea Castle from the architectural point of view, but also discuss the construction of the centuries-old castle complex against the backdrop of political and economic changes and shifts in mentality. Every chapter contains new and previously unpublished (art) historical material that significantly improves our knowledge of the best known castle complex in Estonia. The book also contains many previously unpublished photos, ground plans of buildings, projects and sketches.
Cover of the book "Riigikogu in Toompea Castle" Title: “Riigikogu in Toompea Castle”
Authors: Mart Kalm, Juta Kivimäe, Jüri Ruus
Photos: Peeter Säre, Malev Toom, et alIn brief: In the album “Riigikogu in Toompea Castle”, in Estonian and English, Mart Kalm portrays Toompea Castle as a stronghold of power through the ages, Juta Kivimäe writes about depictions of the Toompea Castle in art, and Jüri Ruus gives an overview of the Estonian constitutional democracy and the Riigikogu.
101 biographies Title: “101 biographies”
National Library of Estonia has compiled a collection of the biographies of the members of the Riigikogu using questionnaire-based information. 


 Elections in Estonia. Book cover

Title: “Elections in Estonia.1992-2015”

National Electoral Committee, 2016



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    Riigikogu Toimetised

    The Journal of the Estonian Parliament – Published by the Chancellery of the Riigikogu since…
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    Topic sheets

    Topic sheets are published on the initiative of the Legal and Research Department of the…
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    Information materials

    Information materials are intended to be distributed to visitors of the Riigikogu, most of all…


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