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Work of the Foreign Affairs Committee

The Foreign Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Riigikogu which participates in the shaping of the foreign policy and the development of the principles of the foreign relations of Estonia, and monitors the foreign policy activities of the Government. The Committee also shapes the opinion of the Riigikogu on issues of the European Union common foreign and security policy, discusses other important European Union issues as necessary, and approves Estonia’s positions before the meetings of the foreign affairs, defence, development and trade ministers of the European Union.

Work with draft legislation

The Foreign Affairs Committee deals with draft legislation pertaining to foreign relations, ratification of bilateral and multilateral foreign agreements, and issues of accession to international conventions. The Committee regularly meets with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions and non-governmental organisations dealing with foreign policy, and initiates draft Acts and Resolutions when necessary.

Other functions

The Foreign Affairs Committee also discusses Estonia’s relations with other states and international organisations and maintains contacts with foreign affairs committees of the parliaments of other countries. Twice a year the Chairman of the Committee meets with the chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of the parliaments of European Union countries. Regular separate meetings are held with the foreign affairs committees of the parliaments of the Baltic states and with the chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of the parliaments of the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States (NB8). Traditionally, the Foreign Affairs Committee makes two to four working visits a year.

The Foreign Affairs Committee also coordinates the foreign relations of the Riigikogu. The Committee submits draft legislation concerning the formation of the foreign delegations of the Riigikogu, and monitors the activities of foreign delegations and parliamentary groups.


Last updated: 23.10.2023



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