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On 3 March 2019, the Estonian citizens with the right to vote elected the new, 14th Riigikogu.

According to the election results, the Reform Party, who received 34 mandates and who was supported by 28.9% of voters, achieved the greatest representation in the 101-member parliament.

The voter turnout was 63.7%. 565 040 citizens out of the 887 420 citizens with the right to vote participated in the election.

The Centre Party has 26 mandates (23.1%), the Estonian Conservative People’s Party has 19 (17.8%), Isamaa has 12 (11.4%) and the Social Democrats have 10 mandates (9.8%) in the new Riigikogu.

Ways of aquiring the mandates of the 14th Riigikogu

A total of 1099 persons stood as candidates for the Riigikogu.


  • Gavel of the chair of the sitting

    Board of the Riigikogu

    The Board of the Riigikogu consists of the President and two Vice-Presidents. The Board coordinates…
  • View of the Session Hall of the Riigikogu

    Members of the Riigikogu

    The 101 are elected at general elections for a term of four years.
  • Clock on the wall of Riigikogu Plenary Hall

    Working schedule

    The Riigikogu holds two regular sessions every year: from January until June and from September…
  • Session Hall of the Riigikogu

    Seating plan

    The seating arrangement of each MP is decided by their faction.
  • The ceiling of the Session Hall of the Riigikogu

    Salaries of MPs

    The salaries of the MPs are regulated by the Salaries of Higher State Servants Act.
  • Rust brown sides of the window and door openings decorated with the zigzag motif

    Numbers talk

    Everyone knows the age-old saying: one image says more than a thousand words. The Riigikogu…


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