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On 5 March 2023, the Estonian citizens with the right to vote elected the new, 14th Riigikogu.


  • View of the Session Hall of the Riigikogu

    Members of the Riigikogu

    The 101 are elected at general elections for a term of four years.
  • Clock on the wall of Riigikogu Plenary Hall

    Working schedule

    The Riigikogu holds two regular sessions every year: from January until June and from September…
  • Gavel of the chair of the sitting

    Board of the Riigikogu

    The Board of the Riigikogu consists of the President and two Vice-Presidents. The Board coordinates…
  • Session Hall of the Riigikogu

    Seating plan

    The seating arrangement of each MP is decided by their faction.
  • The ceiling of the Session Hall of the Riigikogu

    Salaries of MPs

    The salaries of the MPs are regulated by the Salaries of Higher State Servants Act.
  • Rust brown sides of the window and door openings decorated with the zigzag motif

    Numbers talk

    Everyone knows the age-old saying: one image says more than a thousand words. The Riigikogu…


Last updated: 03.04.2023