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In 2008, the Chancellery of the Riigikogu founded August Rei Scholarship in Parliamentary Studies that aims to promote parliamentary research.

August Rei Scholarship in Parliamentary Studies

The scholarship is awarded to authors of Master’s or Doctoral theses on parliament, parliamentarism or the parliamentary assemblies of Estonia.

August Rei Scholarship in Parliamentary Studies is awarded annually, and it was founded by the Chancellery of the Riigikogu in 2008. By today, the scholarship has been granted to fourteen master’s students and doctoral students. Twelve candidates have successfully received their degrees to date.

We hope that the competition for scholarship in parliamentary studies will inspire young researchers also in the future, and contribute to the research and valuing of the activities and history of our parliament.

Scholarship winners, and theses and dissertations defended

2023 – Anna Agejeva

“Creation of the Parliamentary Budget Office in Estonia” (initial title of the Master’s thesis)

2022 – Karl Lembit Laane

“The Influence of Republican Intellectual History on the Debates over Founding the Estonian Republic (PDF, 612 KB) (In Estonian)

2016 – Jürgen Tamme

“Treatment of Foreign and Security Policy in the Parliamentary Institutions of Estonia in 1917–1940” (PDF, 500kB) (In Estonian)

2016 – Vladimir Svet

“Riigikogu’s Right of Self-regulation in the Constitution of Estonia and in Comparative Perspective” (PDF, 904kB) (In Estonian)

2015 – Kristiine Järvan

“Openness to Electoral Competition and the Probability of Changing One’s Vote at the Estonian Parliamentary Elections in 2015” (PDF, 1,22MB) (In Estonian)

2014 – Lukas Pukelis

“Informal Mutual Oversight Mechanisms in Coalition Governments” (PDF, 4,23MB)

2014 – Märten Veskimäe

“Division of the Legislative Function between the Executive and Legislative Powers“ (PDF, 2,5MB)

2013 – Andres Reiljan

Public Trust towards National Parliaments in European Countries” (PDF, 1,1MB) (In Estonian)

2012 – Dmitri Gerassimov

“Establishment of the Hegemony of Neo-liberalism in Legislation on the Example of Estonia“

2012 – Kadri Vakmann

Mechanical Effects of Electoral Systems on Proportionality and Parliament Fragmentation (PDF, 1,1MB)

2011 – Katerina Gorobets

The Purposes of Written Questions: an Example of the XI Riigikogu” (PDF, 1,3MB) (In Estonian)

2010 – Getter Tiirik

Internal Democracy of Political Parties on the Example of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union and the Estonian Reform Party (PDF, 1MB)” (In Estonian)

2009 – Priit Kallakas

Development of Political Party Membership in Estonia in 1995–2009” (PDF, 433kB) (In Estonian)

2008 – Mihkel Solvak

Private Member’s Bills in Parliament – a Comparative Study of Finland and Estonia“ (PDF, 2MB)


Last updated: 16.11.2023