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The European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) was established in 1999. National parliaments of the Member States of the European Union and/or of the European Space Agency that have created a parliamentary body dealing with space affairs are eligible for full membership.

The aim of the EISC is to offer the national parliaments of Europe an opportunity to exchange information, discuss issues and make analyses in the space policy sector. The resolutions adopted at the meetings of the EISC are not binding for the national parliaments, but the organisation helps define the role of the legislators of European countries in dealing with space issues.

At present the organisation has 13 full members and one associate member. The official languages of the EISC are English, French and German.

The chairmanship of the EISC rotates, and one country holds it for one year. The task of the chairmanship is to organise a workshop dealing with space issues from a practical perspective, and the plenary session, where a resolution on relevant issues of the year is passed.

Estonia held the chairmanship of the EISC in 2017. The Estonian chairmanship has decided to focus on how to use entrepreneurship in the space sector, and to deal with the legal framework regulating these issues.


Last updated: 17.04.2023



Susanna Veevo