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The Riigikogu is the representative body of the nation. Its 101 members are elected by the people. Under the Constitution, the Riigikogu is the holder of legislative power. The Riigikogu has 101 members which is approximately the cube root of the number of people in Estonia with the right to vote. The mandate of a Member of the Riigikogu commences on the day of the announcement of the election results.

One of the most important tasks of the Riigikogu as a national assembly is to adopt resolutions, carry out parliamentary supervision and conduct foreign relations.


  • Doorhandle of the Plenary Hall

    What does Riigikogu do?

    The Riigikogu represents the people, solving important national issues. Its most important tasks are law-making,…
  • The Riigikogu repassed the Act extending the rights of the Defence Forces. Photo: Erik Peinar

    What is Riigikogu?

    The Riigikogu is the representative body of the nation; its members are elected by the…
  • Session Hall of the Riigikogu, view to the seats by the window

    Elections of the Riigikogu

    101 members of the Riigikogu are elected at free elections on the basis of the…
  • Rust brown sides of the window and door openings decorated with the zigzag motif

    Structure of the Riigikogu

    The Riigikogu consists of 101 members who are elected by the people. For the organisation…


Last updated: 18.03.2015