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The Chancellery of the Riigikogu provides the conditions that enable the Riigikogu to perform its constitutional functions. It involves advising the Riigikogu, its members and working bodies, providing all necessary services to the Riigikogu and managing its internal communication and foreign relations, and also serving the National Electoral Committee, etc.

The Chancellery also performs several functions arising from the Acts and assigned by the working bodies of the Riigikogu. The main task is to provide the conditions necessary for the Riigikogu to perform its constitutional functions, and for that, the Chancellery:

  • advises the Riigikogu, its working bodies and members on legislative drafting and on issues concerning the performance of other functions of the Riigikogu;
  • provides services to the Riigikogu, or manages its operations, creates the conditions necessary for the Riigikogu to perform its functions;
  • provides assistance to the Riigikogu in its communication with other state bodies and with the public, and also manages the foreign relations of the Riigikogu;
  • manages issues concerning the benefits related to office of members of the Riigikogu;
  • provides services to the National Electoral Committee;
  • provides services to the Political Parties Financing Surveillance Committee;
  • organises the administration of state assets pursuant to the State Assets Act;
  • organises the preparation of the draft budget of the Riigikogu and implementation of the approved budget.


The strategy of the Chancellery gives priority to professional advising that takes into account the needs of the members of the Riigikogu, and to clear, fast and inclusive communication that helps both the general public and the media better understand the proceedings in the Riigikogu.

The strategy also includes such keywords as good infrastructure and working environment in the historical building, and effective management and planning of work.


Last updated: 28.09.2020