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On 23 April 1919, the first representative body elected by the people – the Constituent Assembly – convened in Estonia. It made many decisions that laid the foundation for our state. Every year, the Riigikogu celebrates that event with an Open House Day when you can have a look at the work of the parliament, the architecture of Toompea Castle, the working rooms of the President of the Riigikogu, and other official rooms of the Castle.

Hommage to the Constituent Assembly

Brass band starts the Open House DayThe first representative body elected by the people in independent Estonia – the Constituent Assembly  – convened in Tallinn on 23 April 1919. The representative body, who passed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution  and the Land Act  and solved issues of vital importance to the Estonian state, functioned as a parliament. The decisions of the Constituent Assembly formed the foundation of the Republic of Estonia. That is the day that we celebrate with a Riigikogu Open House Day in April every year.

The first Open House Day in the Riigikogu was held in 1999 when the 80th anniversary of the convocation of the Constituent Assembly was celebrated.


Open House

On an Open House Day, visitors of the Riigikogu can have a closer look at the work of the representatives of the people. In the rooms of the parliamentary groups, the visitors can meet the members of the Riigikogu. 

You can explore the architecture of Toompea Castle as well as the working rooms of the President of the Riigikogu, and other official rooms of the Castle. Children are entertained by a special programme,  which offers plenty of exciting activities. The Tall Hermann Tower is also open to visitors, and many people enjoy the view from the top of the tower for the first time on the Open House Day.

Riigikogu Question Time, where members of the Government answer the questions of the people


We have a tradition of surprising our visitors on the Open House Day with an event which is significant for the year. In earlier years, relay dance has been organised, the best Estonian films have been shown on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Estonian film, Estonian food has been prepared together, and joint singing and dancing has been organised in expectation of the Song and Dance Celebration.

Märt Agu annab ühes rahvaga liikumis- ja laulupeoaastale hoo sisse

The Open House Day is concluded by a concert. Over the years, folk musicians, but also Ultima Thule, Jaan Tätte and Marko Matvere, Singer-Vinger, students of Georg Ots Tallinn Music School, Virumaa Boys’ Choir, Tõnis Mägi, and many others have given performances in Toompea.

A more detailed programme of the Open House Day is available in April on the Riigikogu website, in Facebook and various Estonian media channels.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Last updated: 21.09.2023