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The Journal of the Estonian Parliament – Published by the Chancellery of the Riigikogu since 2000. Riigikogu Toimetised (RiTo) is a periodical that takes a close look at the constitutional and social responsibilities of the parliament. Two issues are published yearly – in June and December.

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“The Proceedings of the Riigikogu” are published only in Estonian. Contents and summaries of articles are in English.

RiTo defines its mission as the promotion of dialogue between researchers and politicians.

RiTo is a journal for politicians, researchers, university lecturers and students, teachers and secondary school students, civil servants, entrepreneurs and civil society actors, as well as everyone interested in politics. RiTo defines its mission as the promotion of dialogue between researchers and politicians.

The studies and opinions section also publishes high quality peer-reviewed research papers on fascinating issues of modern society, governance and politics. The objective is to use the original study results in social sciences to express practical governance experiences in a scientific way. The publication also welcomes Estonian translations of articles published by Estonian authors in international science journals.

RiTo 34

Editorial Office:

  • Editor-in-chief: Mart Raudsaar
    e-mail: Mart.Raudsaar@riigikogu.ee
  • Executive editor: Leeni Uba
    e-mail: Leeni.Uba@riigikogu.ee
  • Linguistic editor: Marika Kullamaa
  • Translators: Mari Ets, Mari Vihuri, Tatjana Kobanova, Helve Trumann
  • Translated article: Kristel Weidebaum, translator, Luisa Translation Agency Ltd; editor Tiina Alekõrs
  • Designer: Ahto Meri
  • Technical editor: Piret Pärgma, National Library of Estonia, e-mail: Piret.Pargma@nlib.ee
  • Layout: Merike Kaseorg

Address of “Riigikogu Toimetised”:
Riigikogu Kantselei, Lossi plats 1a, 15165 Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: RiTo@riigikogu.ee

RiTo website

Marie Kukk, Public Relations Department, Information Adviser
E-mail: Marie.Kukk@riigikogu.ee


Last updated: 15.10.2018