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It is with growing concern that the Estonia-Taiwan Friendship Group of the parliament of the Republic of Estonia is following the increasingly more frequent interventions of the People’s Republic of China into the daily life of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The threats of war against Taiwan that were published in the media yesterday disturb the peaceful daily existence of the island state, and destabilise international security.

The Taiwan Friendship Group of the Estonian parliament finds it impossible to accept the destruction of people’s sense of security and calls on the People’s Republic of China to exercise restraint in expressing their messages, and to refrain from any kind of military actions targeting Taiwan.

The Estonian society values the cultural, educational, scientific, and economic relations with Taiwan as a forward-thinking and very highly developed society. We have a lot to learn from them, among other things how to keep the COVID-19 virus under control.

For more information, please contact:
Jüri Jaanson
Chairman of the Estonia-Taiwan Support Group
+372 6316568
[email protected]