The Estonian Reform Party Faction with its 33 members is the largest faction ever in the Riigikogu. All in all, the faction makes up one third of the Riigikogu.
Our current positions reflect the programme and the fundamental values of the Faction, which we have been promoting in Estonia since 1994. Liberal principles are in the back of the mind of every member of the Reform Party when making everyday decisions concerning the well-fare of the Estonian nation. The overall positive effects to the entire Estonian society are always taken into consideration. In public consciousness, the Reform Party has always existed: it has been carrying the governmental responsibility for longer than any other Estonian political party.

The members of the Reform Party are friendly, innovative, open and positive. They put a lot of weight on maintaining the upwards curve of the Estonian economy and the satisfaction that every Estonian resident should feel about their life. Although the members of the Reform Party are often reproached for their lack of social thinking and too strong an emphasis on the economy, this should rather be taken as a compliment: a successful economy can offer support to everyone who, for some reason or other, is incapable of managing.

The right-liberal Reform Party is keen on continuing a liberal tax policy to achieve economic growth, lower taxation and increased incomes. Other priorities of the Party include state investments in children, education, science-based economy and rule of law. All this should ensure wealth and happiness for the whole Estonian nation.

Siim Kallas, the Founding Member and Honorary Chairman of the Reform Party, has said: ”Short-term policy must serve long-term policy, not the other way round, and the long-term policy in its turn must be based on a thorough analysis of the past. The Reform Party has always had the future in mind when taking political steps. We have been blessed with enough wisdom, common sense and shrewdness to carry this off. There is no doubt that we will successfully continue on our chosen path.”

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