From this Home Page you can get information about the Parliament of the Republic of Estonia, the Riigikogu.

Here is a survey of the history of the Riigikogu, its functions and elections, and also information about the current work and membership of the Riigikogu, its factions and committees.

The first elections to the Riigikogu took place in 1920. Until the year 1938 there were five more elections to the Riigikogu, but on the basis of different constitutions.

Since 1922 the sessions of the Riigikogu have taken place in the Toompea Castle, where one wing was rebuilt into the Riigikogu building.

In 1992, when Estonia had regained its independence after 50 years of occupation, the elections to the Riigikogu according to the Constitution adopted in the summer of 1992 took place.

According to the Constitution, Estonia is an independent and sovereign democratic republic wherein the supreme power of the state is vested in the people. The people exercise their supreme power of the state on the elections of the Riigikogu through citizens who have the right to vote.

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