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Work of the Social Affairs Committee

The Social Affairs Committee is a standing committee that deals with draft legislation regulating labour, social welfare, social insurance and health care. In addition, the Committee exercises control over the activities of the Government within its field, and initiates Bills and draft resolutions as well as deliberations of issues of national importance.

Work with draft legislation

During the legislative proceeding, the Social Affairs Committee closely cooperates with the initiators of the Bill as well as the government institutions and state agencies in their field of administration.

In the sphere of labour, the Committee deals with issues connected with labour relations, labour market services, work environment and employment.
Under social welfare and social security, the Committee covers issues dealing with pensions, social services, benefits, emergency social assistance, and so on. This field mostly concerns children and families with children, the elderly, the disabled, and other socially vulnerable groups.
Health care sphere mainly denotes the organisation of medical services and health insurance.
The Social Affairs Committee also functions as the leading committee in proceeding legislation that ratifies international treaties, draft resolutions, statements, declarations and communications of the Riigikogu relating to these issues.

Other functions

The Committee also exercises control over the activities of the Government within its area of expertise, initiates and carries out deliberations of issues of national importance, and discusses EU draft legislation.


Last updated: 10.01.2024



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