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Work of the Legal Affairs Committee

The Legal Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Riigikogu with a very extensive scope of work. It deals with draft legislation concerning private law, criminal law and internal security, as well as draft legislation regulating the police and border guard service and the rescue service. The scope of work of the Committee also includes the Acts organising the activities of lawyers, notaries, sworn translators, bailiffs and trustees in bankruptcy, and the monitoring of the activities of the Government and of the implementation of reforms within their particular field.

Work with draft legislation

The Legal Affairs Committee can initiate amendments to Acts and submit motions to amend the draft legislation in the legislative proceedings of the Riigikogu. If necessary, the Committee can initiate a deliberation of a matter of significant national importance in the Riigikogu.

During the proceedings of draft legislation, the Legal Affairs Committee cooperates with various institutions, specialists, practitioners and citizens’ associations.

Other functions

The Legal Affairs Committee has a decisive role in the election of the Prosecutor General, the head of the Internal Security Service and the Director General of the Rescue Board, the Police and Border Guard Board and the Emergency Response Centre. Upon their appointment to office, the Committee provides its opinion on the candidates.

The Committee also participates in the constitutional review proceedings of legislative acts in the Supreme Court whenever the question arises of whether an Act within the competence of the Committee is in conformity with the Constitution.

The Committee forms its opinion on draft European Union legislation and forwards its position to the European Union Affairs Committee.


Last updated: 23.10.2023



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