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Work of the Economic Affairs Committee

The Economic Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Riigikogu that directs legislative work and supervises the activities of the Government in various fields that are connected with economy or directly influence it. The Committee deals with the issues that concern construction and housing, postal services and electronic communications, energy, transport, tourism, state assets and public procurements, requirements to the products and services provided, economic development, entrepreneurship, etc.


Work with draft legislation

In its work with draft legislation, the Economic Affairs Committee pays special attention to:

  • Economic environment of Estonia in general (energy policy of the state, business environment and ensuring free competition, logistics and transport, etc.)
  • General requirements to entrepreneurs and restrictions to persons operating in certain areas of activity (General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act, and also e.g. the Road Transport Act, Railways Act, Aviation Act, Public Transport Act, Ports Act, Maritime Safety Act, Mining Act, Electricity Market Act, etc.)
  • Postal services and electronic communications
  • Consumer protection and safety requirements and other requirements to the products and services provided
  • Insurance activities
  • Legal protection of industrial property, patents, trademarks, utility models, etc.
  • State assets and public procurement
  • Ratification of free trade agreements and other international treaties on economy
  • Issues that have remained on the agenda after the property reform, etc.

The Committee has the right to initiate bills and submit motions for amendments to the draft legislation discussed by the Riigikogu.

Other functions

The Economic Affairs Committee provides opinions on the EU draft legislation. When necessary, it can initiate the deliberation of an issue as a matter of significant national importance at the Riigikogu and prepare reports for analysing an issue within its competence or for exercise of supervision.


Last updated: 08.04.2024



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