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On the motion of the Legal Affairs Committee, the Bill on Amendments to the Commercial Code and the Land Register Act (766 SE), initiated by the Union for the Republic – Res Publica Faction, was withdrawn from the legislative proceeding by the Riigikogu with 47 votes in favour (26 votes against). The purpose of the Bill was to eliminate the charge for viewing the data of the Commercial Register and Land Register as well as the data of the Non-Profit Associations and Foundations Register and Commercial Pledge Register on the Internet. In 2005 EEK 8,150,000 accrued from relevant charges to the state budget. Referring to the increase in the state budget volume, the initiators stressed that the abolition of the named charges would be simple. A proposal was submitted to reduce the expenses planned for the reserve of the Government in the relevant amount. The Legal Affairs Committee supported the principle of the Bill, but stood by its opinion that before the abolition of charges a profound analysis should be carried out on consequences of decreasing or abolishing the registrar’s charges.

The verbatim record of the Riigikogu sitting (in Estonian) can be found at:


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