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On the motion of the Environmental Committee as the leading committee, the second reading of the Bill on Amendments to the Chemicals Act (388 SE), initiated by the Government, was concluded. The purpose of the Bill is to create conditions for the implementation of the new EU chemicals policy in Estonia. As a result, the chemicals safety will increase and the risks to human health, environment and property will decrease. Also the general safety level will increase in regions where ammonium nitrate is transported and handled, first of all in ports and on the railroad. The Bill obliges to pay more attention than before to avoiding possible disasters already within the framework of planning and construction activities. The law will improve informing the public of danger of disaster and give people the possibility to take part in shaping the safety of their environment. The Bill was sent to the third reading.

On the motion of the Economic Affairs Committee as leading committee, the first reading of the Bill on Amendments to §262 of the Water Act (405 SE), initiated by the same Committee, was concluded. The Bill regulates in detail the order of handling animal manure. If the keeper of animals in accordance with a contract sends the manure to another person’s handling or storage site, the livestock building used must have a leak-tight manure storage facility with the holding capacity of at least one month. The new version does not obligate the keeper of animals to have additional storage facility if he/she has at his/her other livestock building a storage facility with sufficient capacity for both buildings, or if he/she is processing (e.g. composting) the manure near outlying storage facilities. The law will also solve the situation where a person owning a livestock building stores or processes manure at a storage facility with adequate capacity belonging to him/her but situated near another building or elsewhere. The Bill was sent to the second reading.
The Riigikogu Press Service