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The Riigikogu passed with 93 votes in favour the Act on Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia (974 SE). Pursuant to the Act, amendments are made to the preamble of the Constitution whereby prominence is also given to the Estonian language, as the bearer of the Estonian culture and national identity. The new wording of the preamble is the following:

“With unwavering faith and a steadfast will to strengthen and develop the state, which is established on the inextinguishable right of the people of Estonia to national self-determination and which was proclaimed on 24 February 1918,

which is founded on liberty, justice and law,

which shall protect internal and external peace, and is a pledge to present and future generations for their social progress and welfare,

which shall guarantee the preservation of the Estonian nation, language and culture through the ages,

the people of Estonia, on the basis of § 1 of the Constitution which entered into force in 1938, and by a referendum held on 28 June 1992, adopted the following Constitution.”

Nobody voted against the Act and nobody abstained. The Act required the passage by two successive memberships of the Riigikogu and three/fifth majority (at least 61 votes).

The Act enters into force three months after following its publication in the Riigi Teataja.

Riigikogu pressitalitus