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The Riigikogu passed with 80 votes in favour the Resolution on Amendments to the Resolution on the Formation of the Security Authorities Surveillance Committee (132 OE), initiated by the Estonian People’s Union Faction. Karel Rüütli was appointed a member of the Security Authorities Surveillance Committee instead of Villu Reiljan and Tarmo Mänd was appointed an alternate member for Karel Rüütli. Nobody voted against the Resolution and nobody abstained.

On the motion of the Environmental Committee, the first reading of the Bill on Amendments to § 36 of the Packaging Act (127 SE), initiated by the Estonian Green Party Faction, was concluded. The purpose of the Bill is to reduce the volume of the waste designated for depositing and to increase the volume of the packaging waste designated for recovery. According to the Bill, packaging undertakings are required to guarantee the recovery of the packaging waste generated from the packaging of the goods packaged thereby and from imported packaged goods to the extent of at least 60 % annually; by way of recycling, at least 35 % annually of the total mass of packaging waste; and at least 15 % annually for the total mass of each type of packaging. The Bill was sent to the second reading.

The Riigikogu Press Service