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The Riigikogu passed two Acts: 

The Act on Amendments to the Punishment Register Act (413 SE), initiated by the Government, was passed with 71 votes in favour. It solves several problems that have arisen in implementing the Act that pertain to the data maintained in the register, access to the data, correction of inaccurate data and entering in the archives the information concerning punishments which has been deleted. The Act changes the limits of the terms for deletion of the information concerning punishments and eliminates the interruption of the term for deletion of the information concerning punishments in consequence of commission of another offence. Also, new data sets are added to the composition of the punishment register which include the date of commission of the offence, the place of birth of the person, the former name and the personal identification code of the person, and the name of the person’s parent if it is forwarded to the register by a foreign state. The date of the commission of the offence is very necessary for the punishment register because commission of another offence interrupts the term for deletion of previous offences. At present it is not included in the data bank of the punishment register but at the same time the punishment register has an obligation to take account of this information. 

The Act on Amendments to the Aliens Act and the Identity Documents Act and Amendments to Other Associated Acts (425 SE), initiated by the Government, was passed with 52 votes in favour (15 against). Thereby a favourable environment for attracting foreign students and top specialists to Estonia will be created in order to increase the competitiveness of the Estonian economy. The Act provides for more favourable conditions for temporary arrival and settling in the state for persons who contribute to the development of Estonian society. The Act brings national regulation into conformity with European Union law and specifies, on the basis of a judgment of the Supreme Court en banc, the bases of issuing of a residence permit. 

The Riigikogu concluded the second reading of the Bill on Amendments to the Competition Act and Amendments to Other Associated Acts (321 SE), initiated by the Government. The Bill extends the competence of the Competition Authority, granting it the right to approve obligations assumed by undertakings and to order, where appropriate, interim restrictions for undertakings. This will give the Competition Authority additional levers for exercising supervision and implementing measures, taking into account the circumstances of every case and the accompanying consequences. In the course of the legislative proceeding, the Bill was amended by adding a provision extending the limitation period for an offence related to competition to three years instead of the current two years. 

The Riigikogu Press Service