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At the sitting on Thursday, the Riigikogu passed with 83 votes in favour the Act concerning agricultural direct payments which will allow to apply for payments according to the area actually cultivated and used, without the restrictions arising from the earlier requirement of the reference year.

The Act on Amendments to the European Union Common Agricultural Policy Implementation Act and the Act on Amendments to and Implementation of the Maintenance of Law and Order Act (628 SE) brings national law into conformity with European Union law. The main amendment is that, upon application for direct payments, the requirement of the reference year of 2003 which was in force until now is eliminated and a direct payment can be applied for for all agricultural land which is actually used. The Act also specifies the provisions concerning the measures for the common organisation of the markets in agricultural products, including the provisions relating to the school fruit and vegetables scheme, intervention purchases and producer organisations. The Act is amended by adding an implementing provision which allows for preparations to be made for the selection of the provider of advisory services. Many amendments simplify procedures and are of technical nature.

The verbatim record of the sitting (in Estonian).