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The Riigikogu passed two Acts:
The Act on Amendments to the Plant Protection Act and Other Associated Acts (105 SE), initiated by the Government, which solves the problems which have emerged in the implementation of the Plant Protection Act, unifies the text of the Act and harmonises it with the relevant Regulation and Directive of the European Union, was approved with 85 votes in favour (1 against). The Act changes the criteria for the evaluation and approval of the active substances of plant protection products and the rules on the placing of plant protection products on the market. The risk-based approach is replaced by the hazard-based approach. This means that plant protection products which may have a harmful effect on human health will not reach the market in the future.
The Act on Ratification of the European Agreement relating to Persons Participating in Proceedings of the European Court of Human Rights (81 SE), initiated by the Government, was passed with 85 votes in favour. Its aim is to accord persons taking part in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights certain immunities, for the better fulfilment of the purposes of the Convention. The Agreement applies to any persons taking part in proceedings instituted before the Court as parties, their representatives and advisers, as well as witnesses and experts and other persons invited by the President of the Court to take part in proceedings. The aim of immunity from legal process is to protect the freedom of persons taking part in proceedings before the Court in respect of oral or written statements made, or documents or other evidence submitted by them before or to the Courts. Immunities and facilities are accorded to the persons in order to ensure for them the freedom of speech and the independence necessary for the discharge of their functions, tasks or duties, or the exercise of their rights in relation to the Court.
The Riigikogu deliberated at the first reading the Bill on Amendments to the Universities Act, the Institutions of Professional Higher Education Act and Other Acts (89 SE), initiated by the Government, concerning the rights of students upon acquiring higher education financed from the state budget, and the financing of level studies in higher education from the state budget. The deliberation was adjourned due to the end of the working hours of the sitting. It will be resumed in the next working week on Tuesday’s sitting where the remaining Bills which were not discussed today will also be discussed.
The Riigikogu Press Service