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Malle Seppik who had been appointed a justice of the Supreme Court took the oath of office at the beginning of the sitting.

The Bill on Amendments to the Roads Act (681 SE), initiated by the Government, was at the second reading at the plenary sitting of the Riigikogu. It proposes that the financing of road management will be separated from the proceeds from fuel excise duty, and clarifies the wording concerning the distribution of the funds for road management. The aim is to allow for more flexible and purposeful planning of the state budget.

24 motions to amend the Bill had been submitted, which mainly concern the ensuring of the stability of the financing of roads, and improvement of the condition of the transport infrastructure.

Toomas Tõniste, Helir-Valdor Seeder, Aivar Kokk, Erki Nool, Liisa Pakosta, Tõnis Palts, Siim Kiisler, Marko Pomerants, Peeter Laurson, Margus Tsahkna and Kaia Iva took part in the debate.

The deliberation of the Bill was adjourned due to the end of the working hours of the sitting. The deliberation will be resumed at the extraordinary sitting on Friday, 20 June, at 10 a.m.

The General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act Implementation Bill (692 SE), initiated by the Government, passed the second reading in the Riigikogu. Its aim is to ensure better information of the public of proceedings of environmental permits and to ensure easier access to environmental information in the possession of public bodies to citizens.

The motion of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union Faction to suspend the second reading of the Bill was not supported (52 votes against, 9 in favour).

At the extraordinary sitting tomorrow, the remaining items on the agenda for this working week will be covered.

Photos of the sitting

The verbatim record of the sitting (in Estonian) 

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