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Today, the Riigikogu formed three select committees – the State Budget Control Select Committee, the Anti-Corruption Select Committee and the Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee. These committees were in place also in the previous Riigikogu.

The draft Resolutions on the formation of the select committees were put to a final vote at the second reading. They passed the first reading on Tuesday.

The State Budget Control Select Committee (9 OE) includes Jaak Aaviksoo, substitute member Andres Metsoja; Andres Ammas, substitute member Külliki Kübarsepp; Kristjan Kõljalg, substitute member Meelis Mälberg; Henn Põlluaas, substitute member Martin Helme; Mihhail Stalnuhhin, substitute member Tarmo Tamm; and Tanel Talve, substitute member Kalvi Kõva. 85 members of the Riigikogu were in favour of the formation of the committee, one member abstained.

The purpose of the State Budget Control Select Committee is to ensure, in cooperation with the National Audit Office, control over the Government in terms of the implementation of the state budget and sustainable, efficient and lawful use of the state assets and state budget funds.

The Anti-Corruption Select Committee (10 OE) includes Raivo Aeg, substitute member Kalle Muuli; Ants Laaneots, substitute member Johannes Kert; Jaanus Karilaid, substitute member Kersti Sarapuu; Jaanus Marrandi, substitute member Helmen Kütt; Raivo Põldaru, substitute member Arno Sild; and Artur Talvik, substitute member Jüri Adams. In the course of the proceedings, an amendment was made to the draft Resolution according to which Jaanus Karilaid is member of the committee instead of Lauri Laasi. 84 members of the Riigikogu were in favour of the formation of this committee.

The Anti-Corruption Select Committee monitors that the anti-corruption measures provided for in Estonian Acts are actually implemented. The committee also discusses and assesses the potential incidents of corruption involving officials specified in the Act, exercises supervision over compliance with the restrictions on activities of the members of the Riigikogu and verifies the declarations of interests.

The Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee (11 OE) includes Krista Aru, substitute member Andres Herkel; Uno Kaskpeit, substitute member Henn Põlluaas; Martin Kukk, substitute member Kalle Laanet; Erki Savisaar, substitute member Aadu Must; Ken-Marti Vaher, substitute member Mart Nutt; and Hardi Volmer, substitute member Andres Anvelt. 82 members of the Riigikogu voted in favour of the formation of the committee, one member abstained.

The Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee has been formed for the verification of the lawfulness of the activity and surveillance activities of the Internal Security Service and the Information Board. The committee also verifies the compliance of the activities of the Police and Border Guard Board, the General Staff of the Defence Forces, the Prisons Department of the Ministry of Justice, and the Investigation Department of the Tax and Customs Board with the Code of Criminal Procedure.

There are 11 standing committees and three select committees in the Riigikogu. For the solution of problems of special importance, investigation or study committees are formed.

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