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Prime Minister Andrus Ansip replied to the interpellation (No. 249) concerning the re-nationalisation of Eesti Raudtee, submitted on 7 November by Members of the Riigikogu Indrek Raudne, Ken-Marti Vaher, Juhan Parts and Urmas Reinsalu.

Prime Minister explained that even now AS Eesti Raudtee had a business plan which would be amended by May 2007 at the latest, in order to pay more attention to public interests and investments into safety. According to the plans, during the coming four or five years EEK 400-500 million will be invested in the railway infrastructure. The investments will be made from the funds of AS Eesti Raudtee as well as from additional loans. It is possible to earn the investments back during their useful lifetime through the royalties of railway infrastructure. In the case of more capacious projects the means of the Cohesion Fund of the European Union are to be involved. The main projects will be: firstly – the renovation of the existing plant for transforming and carrying electric power for train haulage on the lines EEK 110 million; secondly – the construction of grade separated railway level crossings – EEK 703 million, thirdly – the reconstruction of platforms – EEK 150-200 million; and fourthly, the detour of Tallinn railway – the exact sum depends on the choice of utility lines. Mr. Ansip stated that the development of the large-scale passenger train traffic in the years ahead meant first of all the procurement of a new rolling stock, the renewal of platforms and the renovation of the plant for transforming and carrying electric power for train haulage. “There will be no abrupt advance in train ticket prices proceeding from the investments made in the railway infrastructure. The prices of tickets depend on the general rise of the cost of living and the state’s contributions to the public transport, as well as from royalties from infrastructure,” Mr. Ansip explained.

Prime Minister also replied to the interpellation (No. 250) concerning the problems related to the management of AS Werol, submitted on 8 Novemebr by Members of the Riigikogu Indrek Raudne, Ken-Marti Vaher, Helir-Valdor Seeder and Juhan Parts.

During the open microphone Urmas Reinsalu took the floor.

The Riigikogu Press Service