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Prime Minister Juhan Parts replied to the interpellation (No. 101) concerning the removal of the Lihula monument, submitted on September 13 by six members of the Isamaaliit Faction.


In his reply Prime Minister said: ?The Government of the Republic of Estonia decided to remove this monument, because it damaged the reputation of Estonia. It damaged the reputation of the men who had fought and were killed for the independence of Estonia and it was illegally erected.? In the opinion of Prime Minister it is regrettable that the initiators of the erection of the monument could not forecast the results of their acts.  Prime Minister agreed with interpellators that such objects like the Lihula monument may cause and increase social tensions in Estonia. Juhan Parts stressed that after the substantiation of the decision of the Government and explaining the reasons therefore, the emotions had calmed down and the decision was understood. ?It is sure that those who had soiled and smashed up various gravestones, succeeded in generating social tensions on the national grounds,? the Prime Minister marked.


Prime Minister replied also to the interpellation (No. 102), concerning the Resolution against Racism and Xenophobia, passed on April 16, 2004, by the UN Human Rights Committee, submitted on September 16 by six members of the Estonian Centre Party Faction.


Minister of Social Affairs Marko Pomerants replied to the interpellation (No. 103) concerning the impacts of the parental benefit, submitted on September 21 by nine members of the Estonian Centre Party Faction.


During the open microphone Mihhail Stalnuhhin took the floor.



The Riigikogu Press Service