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Minister of Regional Affairs Jaan Õunapuu replied to the interpellation (No. 252) concerning the supervision exercised by Harju County Governor, submitted on 13 November by Members of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor and Jüri Tamm. The submission of the interpellation by Members of the Riigikogu was due to the resolution of the Loksa City Council of 1 September 2006, pursuant to which Helle Lootsmann was elected the Mayor of Loksa. The conformity with law of the resolutions of the City Council was assessed by the County Governor Värner Lootsmann, who, among other things, reviewed the resolution on the election of his spouse to office of the City Mayor and declared with his supervision resolution that it was legal. As the resolution of the Loksa City Council on the election of the City Mayor had a considerable impact on economical interests of the County Governor’s spouse, according to the assessment of the Security Police, the County Governor, valuing the legality of such a resolution, had been in the situation where he had had a conflict of interests. According to the assessment of the Security Police, Värner Lootsmann with his activities, failed to fulfil the requirements of procedural restriction, established by the Anti-corruption Act, and the Security Police imposed a punishment on him – a fine in the amount of EEK 3,000. The interpellators enquired the Minister of Regional Affairs: whether and when he will make a motion to the Government to release Värner Lootsmann from office of the Harju County Governor.

Mr. Õunapuu explained that although the Security Police Board had made its decision, it had still not entered into force. Minister knows that Värner Lootsmann has filed a complaint to the Harju County Court during the term stipulated by the Misdemeanour Code or, more precisely, on 20 November. The decision has not entered into force and at present Värner Lootsmann cannot be considered guilty of violating the Anti-corruption Act. “I do not think that it is right to form my opinion before the law enforcement authorities have finished their work,” the Minister of Regional Affairs said.

Minister of Culture Raivo Palmaru replied to the interpellation (No. 254) concerning AS Sakala Keskus, submitted on 15 November by Members of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor and Mart Meri.

During the open microphone Jüri Tamm took the floor.

The Riigikogu Press Service