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Minister of Internal Affairs Kalle Laanet replied to the interpellation (No. 246) concerning weapons in civil use, submitted on 14 September by Members of the Riigikogu Mark Soosaar, Sven Mikser, Peeter Kreitzberg and Ivari Padar. 

Minister. Laanet said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police did not deem it necessary to support the proposal to decrease or limit the number of weapons in civil use, because this was insufficiently substantiated. 28,604 natural persons owned weapons in 2005, compared to 26,527 in 2006. 110 legal persons owned weapons in 2006, instead of the 113 in 2005. “We also support the changes which tighten the requirements for the applicants of weapons permits and at the same time enhance supervision over the handling of weapons, “Minister of Internal Affairs stressed. The relevant requirements have been stipulated in the Weapons Bill, proceeded by the Riigikogu, which provides, in addition to the Act in force, additional circumstances and bases for denying weapons procurement permits or weapons permits for natural persons. “The most important basis for refusal is a prior punishment of a person according to the misdemeanour procedure for the illegal use, possession or acquisition of narcotic or psychotropic substances,” Mr. Laanet stated. 


The Riigikogu Press Service