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Alternate member Liisa-Ly Pakosta took the oath of office of the member of the Riigikogu.
The Minister of Defence Jaak Aaviksoo replied to the interpellation concerning sale of national weapons industry (No 321), submitted by Members of the Riigikogu Lauri Laasi, Vladimir Velman, Tiit Kuusmik and Olga Sõtnik on 24 September.
Aaviksoo explained that the state had not yet decided the sale of E-Arsenal in which the shareholders’ rights are exercised by the Minister of Defence. “However, the Ministry of Defence cannot exclude possible full or partial privatisation of the enterprises which are formed today in the course of transformation of E-Arsenal Plc. Therefore, I cannot exclude that companies established as a result of this process may be transferred, among others, to some members of the Estonian Defence Industry Union,” added the Minister of Defence. Aaviksoo expressed his delight that, at the beginning of this year, 22 dignified Estonian undertakings had decided to establish the non-profit association Estonian Defence Industry Union. In his words, such an organisation of undertakings is a very good partner to the Ministry of Defence and other state agencies who is able to represent the interests of the Estonian defence industry enterprises in their field of enterprise as well as in partnership with the state. In order to deepen, strengthen, develop and contribute in every way to this cooperation, the Ministry of Defence entered into a cooperation memorandum with the non-profit association Estonian Defence Industry Union on 21 April which is a public document and, hopefully, as such will help all Estonian undertakings who are interested in developing defence industry, as well as deepen the Government’s cooperation with the enterprise sector which we hope will be profitable for the development of defence industry on a wider scale in the Republic of Estonia. The Minister of Defence also explained in more detail the forthcoming changes in the activities of the companies in question.
The Minister of Culture Laine Jänes replied to the interpellation concerning the situation of county museums (No 332), submitted by Members of the Riigikogu Karel Rüütli, Mai Treial, Jaanus Marrandi, Villu Reiljan, Tarmo Mänd, Kadri Simson, Jüri Ratas, Enn Eesmaa, Inara Luigas, Georg Pelisaar, Tiit Kuusmik, Kalvi Kõva, Kalev Kotkas and Indrek Saar on 14 October.
The Estonian Centre Party Faction as the initiator withdrew from the legislative proceeding the Bill on Amendments to the Social Tax Act (559 SE).
The Riigikogu Press Service