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Prime Minister Andrus Ansip replied to the interpellation (No.152) concerning the salaries of state officials, submitted on 14 April by Members of the Riigikogu Ivari Padar, Eiki Nestor, Katrin Saks, Kadi Pärnits, Jüri Tamm and Jarno Laur. The interpellators wished to know when a regular salary scale for state officials would be approved. Prime Minister stated that the public service development concept, approved on 6 May 2004 by the Government of the Republic, had formulated as the main principle of the new salary system that the major part of the officials? income had to be formed by the basic salary. It is formed taking into account the value and liability of a concrete office, the contribution of a concrete official and the situation at the labour market. ?The transparency and justice must be achieved through the disclosure of salaries, not through the common scale, ?Mr. Ansip stressed. He thought that the present wage system needed to be reorganised and to this end the Government would review the public service development concept and form its own opinion of the concept, including the principles worked out on the salary administration. Prime Minister stated that in solving the problem the Ministry of Finance was playing an important role, whose task, among other things, was also to draft the bills concerning the salary administrations of public service and to harmonise them. Mr. Ansip explained that the public service reform and the improvement of salary administration involved all the agencies and it could not be done in a hurry. ?We are going to enter the subject in the work schedule of the Government and hopefully concrete position papers will be formulated by the end of the current year, ?Prime Minister stated.

Mr. Ansip replied also to the interpellation (No. 151) concerning exertion of influence upon criminal proceedings, submitted on 14 April by Members of the Riigikogu Andres Herkel and Mart Nutt. The interpellation was connected with the seizure of the manager of AS Spacecom Oleg Ossinovski by the Security Police. Prime Minister explained that he had exerted no influence on criminal proceedings.

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On the motion of the Environment Committee the Bill on Amendments to the Public Water Supply and Sewerage Act (615 SE), initiated by the Government of the Republic, was excluded from the agenda for the working week.

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