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At Question Time ministers answered the questions of the members of the Riigikogu.


Minister Paul-Eerik Rummo answered the question of Andres Tarand about the formation of the Government?s Demography Committee, the question of Kaarel Pürg about integration, the question of Signe Kivi about the reimbursement of the costs of language studies to persons whom citizenship is granted pursuant to the Coalition Agreement, the question of Raivo Järvi about grants to national minorities? societies, the question of Andres Herkel about robbing of the graves of those killed at Sinimäed and the question of Väino Linde about working out the principles for and introduction of a mother?s salary.

Minister of Defence Margus Hanson answered the question of Helir-Valdor Seeder about the budget of the Ministry of Defence, the question of Toomas Alatalu about the conditions of the military personnel staying abroad and the question of Trivimi Velliste about the restoration of the memorial church of warriors in Tori.

Minister of Social Affairs Marko Pomerants answered the question of Katrin Saks about child benefits, the question of Kadi Pärnits about labour policy and the question of Mihhail Stalnuhhin about the competition for emergency services.


The Riigikogu passed the following Act:


The Act on the Accession to the Convention on Future Multilateral Co-operation in North-East Atlantic Fisheries (34 SE), initiated by the Government of the Republic, was passed with 83 votes in favour. Estonia joins the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission, established by the Convention, the task of which is to organise and coordinate sustainable use of fishery resources in the North-East Atlantic. The Commission has the right to make recommendations within the Convention area for organisation the conservation and use of fishery resources.  The recommendations become binding on the Contracting Parties if a Contracting Party has not raised any objections to the recommendation of the Commission within the prescribed period.


The Riigikogu concluded the first reading of the following Bills:


The Supplementary Budget of the Year 2003 Bill (49 SE), initiated by the Government of the Republic. The term for submission of motions to amend to the Finance Committee is 26 May, 12.00. The motion of Estonian Centre Party Faction not to conclude the first reading was not supported. The results of voting: 28 votes in favour, 55 against.


The Security Bill (12 SE), initiated by the Government of the Republic. The term for submission of motions to amend to the Legal Affairs Committee is 23 May, 16.45.


The Riigikogu Press Service