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Prime Minister Andrus Ansip gave an overview of the activities of the Government of the Republic in implementing the European Union policies. Speaking of what has changed in Estonia after the accession to the European Union in a year, Mr. Ansip affirmed that a majority of the pre-accession expectations had been fulfilled and the fears had been proved groundless.

Speaking of the ratification of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, the Prime Minister expressed his opinion that Estonia belongs also to the countries who would approve the Treaty by the end of 2005. He said that the Constitutional Treaty as an international treaty would be ratified by the Riigikogu. Among other things, the Prime Minister in his survey spoke also of openness, the rise of competitiveness in economy, the financial prospects of the EU for 2007-2013 and of making use of the common currency.

Members of the Riigikogu asked the presenter of the report many questions. The representatives of all the factions took part in the debate.

The Riigikogu concluded the second reading of the Bill on Amendments to the State Audit Office Act and Local Government Organisation Act (603 SE and 614 SE), initiated by the Isamaaliit Faction and the Government of the Republic.

The Riigikogu concluded the first reading of three Bills:

The Draft Resolution of the Riigikogu On the Formation of the Committee of Investigation to Ascertain the Circumstances related to the Export of Military Equipment from the Territory of the Republic of Estonia on the Ferry Estonia in 1994 (608 OE), submitted by the Estonian Centre Party Faction;

The Bill on Amendments to the Penal Code (599 SE), initiated by the Legal Affairs Committee;

The Bill on Amendments to the Copyright Act (637 SE), initiated by Member of the Riigikogu Katrin Saks.


The Riigikogu Press Service