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At extraordinary elections of Vice-Presidents of the Riigikogu Toomas Varek was elected First Vice-President (50 votes in favour) and Taavi Veskimägi was elected Vice-President of the Riigikogu (28 votes in favour). The third candidate Peeter Kreitzberg withdrew his candidature.

Prime Minister Andrus Ansip replied to the interpellation (No.153) concerning the prevention and avoidance of provocations, submitted on 9 April by Members of the Riigikogu Ivari Padar, Katrin Saks, Eiki Nestor, Jüri Tamm, Jarno Laur and Kadi Pärnits.

Prime Minister explained that the protection of the constitutional order of the state and the prevention of intelligence and subversive activities, directed against the state, was in the competence of the Security Police, who, as a security institution, regularly drafted danger prognoses to the management of the state as well as to the competent institutions, where the attention was drawn to possible security developments and threats. ?In case the managing of risks gets out of the competence of the Security Police, the danger prognosis includes concrete recommended proposals to competent institutions ? the Police, Border Guard and others, for the implementation of adequate measures, ?Mr. Ansip affirmed. In connection with possible security threats related to 9 May, the Security Police prepared for the Government on 29 April 2005 a thorough danger prognosis relating to the events connected with the commemoration for the end of World War II. The danger prognosis included concrete recommended guidelines for the prevention of possible provocations. Minister of Internal Affairs has assigned the National Police Commissioner a task to work out the principles of effective cooperation and exact criteria of liability of police operations, carried out at public events to ensure law and order, in order to avoid the recurrence of such events in the future. Minister of Internal Affairs has also assigned the National Police Commissioner a task to submit concrete proposals for the assessment of the activity of persons, responsible for the preparation and carrying out of police operations. As to the extremely regrettable event, which took place in Tallinn, at Tõnismäe on the night before 9 May, the Police will do everything on its part to catch the offender or offenders, Mr. Ansip said.

Prime Minister also replied to the interpellation (No. 156) concerning the appointment of members of the Supervisory Board of the Port of Tallinn, submitted by Members of the Riigikogu Ken-Marti Vaher and Urmas Reinsalu.

During the open microphone Igor Gräzin took the floor.

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