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The parliamentary elections in Georgia on 21 May were in the most part conducted in a just and fair manner. Estonian observers witnessed no significant violations on the election day. In general, the pre-election atmosphere allowed parties and candidates to organise their campaigns without hindrances. 

We recognise, however, that international observers noticed some serious violations. In our opinion, the reason for this lies in the fact that the message of democracy of recent years has not always been received as intended or that there is not enough experience for administration of free and just elections. 

We welcome Georgia’s willingness to work on these issues in the future. We also welcome the decision of the Central Electoral Committee of Georgia to annul the election results in the polling divisions where grave violations were registered, recognising at the same time that these cases do not have significant consequences for the election results as a whole. 

We share the opinion of João Soares, the head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly observers’ delegation, that these elections demonstrate a concrete and substantial progress in comparison to the presidential elections which were held in January. 

Members of the Riigikogu Andres Herkel, Helmer Jõgi, Väino Linde, Jaanus Marrandi, Kadri Must, Mart Nutt, Mati Raidma and Evelyn Sepp participated as observers.