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Estonia- Georgia parliamentary group expresses its continuous support to the sovereignty of Georgia and principal of its territorial integrity. We cannot agree with the present statement by the State Duma on „ Policy of the Russian Federation in relations with Abkhazia, South-Ossetia and Transnistria”, which calls upon the Government of the Russian Federation to review relations with named regions and „expedite the objective sovereignty process in Abkhazia and South-Ossetia” on certain conditions.

We find that this appeal contradicts respecting principle of territorial integrity and interferes with activities of the United Nations and OSCE in resolving the conflict. In addition to that the statement by Duma is selective by nature and does not promote resolving the frozen conflicts; it interferes with sovereign decision-making process in Georgia, particularly in lieu of NATO integration. Thus, the statement may be viewed as interference with Georgia’s internal affairs as well as international peace-mediation process.

We consider it regrettable that such aggressive position is expressed prior to the NATO summit in Bucharest, where giving a MAP to Georgia will be discussed. Estonia- Georgia parliamentary group expresses its support to Georgia’s choices regarding EU and NATO integration; and is in favour of giving a MAP to Georgia. Our position is that giving MAP to Georgia helps to strengthen democracy and improve security in the region as a whole. Such affect can be witnessed by previous NATO enlargements.

In connection with Abkhazia and South-Ossetia, we wish to point out that Georgia has proposed several initiatives to peaceful resolution of the situation and implementation of the confidence enhancing measures. On 28 March Georgia proposed an improved peace-plan to Abkhazia, which foresees establishing unrestricted autonomy, political representation, veto-right and free trade regime. Therefore, all statements referring to pressure imposed by Georgia upon conflict areas are groundless.


Andres Herkel

Chairman of the Estonia-Georgia parliamentary group