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Chancellor of Justice Allar Jõks replied to the interpellation concerning the exercise of supervision over the conformity of the legislative acts with the Constitution, submitted by Members of the Riigikogu Lauri Laasi and Evelyn Sepp.

Mr. Jõks said that demonstrations at the Sakala Centre against its demolition, the widespread discussion of the subject in the media and the incapability of the protectors of the Centre to protect their interests in the court indicated that an overwhelming public interest pushed for reviewing the legality of the building permit.

Chancellor of Justice believed that Harju County Governor Värner Lootsmann proceeded from similar considerations when he had decided to initiate supervision proceedings over the building permit concerning the Sakala Centre issued by the Town Planning Board. Mr. Jõks said that he had nothing to reproach regarding the starting of supervision proceedings of the County Governor. In the opinion of Chancellor of Justice the problem arose from the result of the supervision proceedings.

Mr. Jõks explained that the non-profit association Caring and Sustainable Tallinn turned to him with a statement asking to check the legality of the decision made by the Harju County Governor concluding the supervision proceedings. “On the basis of this statement I carried out the supervision proceedings and came to the conclusion that since the County Governor has not assessed the material legality of the building permit, i.e. its conformity with the detailed planning scheme, the supervision has not been carried out to the extent provided by the Government Act. I have also forwarded the relevant documents to the Government for consideration whether to start a disciplinary proceeding against the Harju County Governor because of inadequate exercise of supervision,” Chancellor of Justice said.

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