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Riigikogu passed Act on Amendments to Liquid Fuel Stocks Act

Today, the Riigikogu passed with 86 votes in favour the Act on Amendments to Liquid Fuel Stocks Act (472 SE), initiated by the Government. New terms are added into the Act and the composition of the liquid fuel stocks id determined. The Act provides new bases for the stockholding obligation and calculation of the existing stocks. It also provides the rules for constituting specific stocks and new rules for holding stocks in another Member State or the stocks held in Estonia by a person of another Member State. The Act specifies the requirements for acting in the event of supply difficulties and for provision of data. With the Act, the regulation concerning the activities of the supervisory board of the stock manager is brought into conformity with the State Assets Act.

Liquid fuel stocks are the quantity of energy products at the disposal or under the control of the state, determined by this Act. They are constituted to ensure a high level of security of supply for the state, national security and fulfilment of the obligations assumed under international agreements and the subsistence of the population. Reliable and transparent mechanisms based on solidarity between international organisations and Member States are used.

Bill concerning financing of political parties passed first reading

The Riigikogu concluded the first reading of the Bill on Amendments to the Political Parties Act and Amendments to Other Associated Acts (439 SE), initiated by the Constitutional Committee. The Bill specifies the bases for the financing of political parties and the supervision exercised over the financing. The Bill improves the clarity of the financing of political parties and defines more specifically the sources of income of political parties. At the same time, the Bill also provides for more effective supervision mechanisms and sanctions. The Bill specifies the content of donations and the list of prohibited donations. Also, restrictions on loan activity and the economic activity of political parties are provided. The Bill also increases the support from the state budget to political parties that fail to cross the election threshold but receive at least 2% of the votes.

The term for submission of motions to amend is 7 November.

The verbatim record of the sitting (in Estonian)