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On the motion of the Social Affairs Committee, the second reading of the Bill on Amendments to the Medicinal Products Act and the Health Insurance Act (643 SE), initiated by the Government, was concluded. The amendments specify the procedure for organisation of the administrative proceedings concerning and supervision over medicinal products; reduce the requirements established for pharmacies of small towns in order to ensure sustainability of provision of pharmacy services in areas with a smaller number of users of medicinal products; update the requirements for application for marketing authorisation for medicinal products and storage of medicinal products, and grant the State Agency of Medicines and the Health Board which exercise supervision over compliance with the Act the right to examine, in the course of supervision, also the medical prescriptions that have been issued. In view of more purposeful use of state funds, the retail price of a medicinal product is defined, on the basis of which the Estonian Health Insurance Fund takes over the obligation to pay for medicinal products; a uniform procedure for application of the reference price or the price agreement is established for medicinal products entered in the list of medicinal products of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, and the Ministry of Social Affairs is given the opportunity to initiate price agreement proceedings in order to reduce the terms of entry into force of actual discount rates of medicinal products. The Bill was sent to the third reading.

On the motion of the Rural Affairs Committee, the first reading of the Bill on Amendments to the European Union Common Agricultural Policy Implementation Act (701 SE), initiated by the same Committee, was concluded. The purpose of the Bill is to eliminate the discords between the general provisions and specific provisions regulating direct payments and complementary national direct payments which have appeared in the course of preparation of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy implementing legislation. The Bill was sent to the second reading.
The Riigikogu Press Service