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President of the Riigikogu Ene Ergma received two bills introduced to the legislative proceeding.

Members of the People?s Union Faction Koit Prants, Jüri Saar and Janno Reiljan initiated the Bill on Amendments to § 23 of the Surplus Stocks Charges Act.

On behalf of the Isamaaliit Faction Tõnis Lukas submitted the Bill on Amendments to the Income Tax Act. In accordance with the Bill, a resident parent or guardian of a child or any other person maintaining a child may deduct from the revenue of the taxation period an extra basic exemption per each child of up to 17 years of age. ?Who want to name it a positive childlessness tax, may do so, ?Mr. Lukas said submitting the Bill.

The Board of the Riigikogu will make a decision about the acceptance of the Bills in accordance with the Riigikogu Rules of Procedure Act.

At the beginning of the sitting the President of the Riigikogu forwarded messages, according to which the beginning of today?s sittings of the committees was transferred to the time earlier than usually. ?The Committees have a good possibility to use additional time for holding their sittings,? Mrs. Ergma said, ending the plenary sitting.

The Riigikogu Press Service