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The Select Committee on the Application of Anti-corruption Act met the delegation of the corresponding committee of the Montenegrin parliament in Toompea today.

President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor greeted the guests at the start of the meeting, emphasising the importance of a thorough investigation and disclosure in cases of corruption. 

Chairman of the Select Committee Ken-Marti Vaher gave an overview of the principles of the work of the Committee and of issues related to the proceeding of the uncovered cases of corruption. 

Vaher values systematic approach in the fight against corruption, based on an efficient strategy. “The first step in the fight against corruption is the creation of an effective deterrence system. This should be based on a strong and consistent work of law enforcement authorities and an efficient legislation. Since 2004, the state has followed a national corruption reduction strategy in all its activities,” Vaher said. He stressed the need to improve public awareness of corruption and its risks, and the need for state administration to be as public and transparent as possible. Uncovering of corruption as a hidden crime depends largely on the independence and strength of the enforcement authorities, and Estonia has made a substantial contribution toward this end. 

Vaher also talked about the good practices concerning conflicts of interest and the lobby work rules, both currently under discussion in the parliament. He considered the reduction of corruption in Estonia to have achieved a certain success, but not enough to warrant complacency. “We can talk about success after we have come much closer to the Nordic countries in the international corruption perception index,” Vaher said. 

Vaher recommended that his Montenegrin colleagues organise an efficient communication between the relevant state agencies and the public in addition to building up a strict legislative foundation for the fight against corruption. 

The Anti-corruption Committee of the Montenegrin parliament, headed by its Chairman Predrag Bulatovic, also met with representatives of the Ministry of Justice and law enforcement authorities. 

Photos of the Committee meeting 

The Riigikogu Press Service