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The delegation of the Tibet Support Group of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) will meet with Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and the community of Tibetans in exile in Dharhamsala, India. 

“The Tibet Support Group in this Riigikogu is the largest of all time, and it has altogether 16 members,” Chairman of the Tibet Support Group Juku-Kalle Raid said. “It is understandable because the situation with the native language, education, politics, human rights and freedoms in occupied Tibet is extremely complicated and is becoming more and more grim every day. The cooperation between China and Russia in oppressing other nations has been gathering wind beneath its wings, Iran’s actions can be added to this, and of course all this is being noticed,” Raid explained.
“The programme is busy and quite likely we will get a closer look at what China has been doing in occupied Tibet,” Raid said, and added that the delegation of the Riigikogu planned to meet with the Head and the ministers of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and to visit the Tibetan parliament.
Besides the Chairman of the Tibet Support Group, the delegation also includes members of the Support Group Tarmo Tamm and Henn Põlluaas, as well as representatives of the Estonian Institute of Human Rights and the Tibetan Institute, and Estonian journalists.
The 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso has visited Estonia three times, in 1991, 2001 and 2011. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for his peaceful struggle for the liberation of Tibet. He has published dozens of books about the Tibetan Buddhism, several of which have been translated into Estonian. The Dalai Lama is a title that was bestowed to Sönam Gyatso, the Head Lama of the Gelugpa school of Buddhism, by ruler of the Mongols Altan Khan in 1578. After the People’s Republic of China occupied Tibet in the 1950s, the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso went into exile in India in 1959 and founded the Tibetan Government-in-Exile in Dharamsala.
For more information, please contact:
Juku-Kalle Raid
Chairman of Tibet Support Group of the Riigikogu
+372  631 6562