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On 18–20  August the traditional meeting of the speakers of the Baltic and Nordic parliaments (NB8) takes place in Estonia. This time the venue of the meeting is Pädaste on the ancient island of Muhu, where the speakers hold a two-day conference on Thursday and Friday.

On the invitation of Ene Ergma, the President of the Eduskunta of Finland Eero Heinäluoma, the President of the Riksdag of Sweden Per Westerberg, the President of the Storting of Norway Dag Terje Andersen, the President of the Folketing of Denmark Thor Pedersen, the President of the Althing of Iceland Asta R. Johannesdottir, the President of the Saeima of Latvia Solvita Āboltiņa and the President of the Seimas of Lithuania Irena Degutiené come to Estonia.
On Thursday the speakers discuss global cooperation and security. The Minister of Defence of Estonia Mart Laar will present a report. On Friday morning it is planned to speak about the enlargement of the European Union, the rights and responsibilities of opposition in democratic parliaments, relations with Russia and other issues. In the afternoon the speakers will visit Saaremaa Island. On Saturday, 20 August they will take part in the events of the Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence in Tallinn.
The first meeting of the speakers of NB8 took place in 1997in Karlskrona, Sweden.
The Riigikogu Press Service