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The President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor met with the Kenyan Speaker David Ekwee Ethuro on Wednesday and explained our e-solutions for voting, declaring taxes, and digital signing which among other things simplifies the legislative procedure.

“It is good if you can learn from someone else’s experience and refrain from making mistakes. We are very happy to share our digital solutions experiences with Kenya,” Nestor said. He described to his guest the process for digitally proceeding Bills, publishing Bills, their explanatory memorandums and planned amendments, and digitally signing documents.

The Kenyan delegation recounted their difficulties in implementing IT-solutions in Kenya and inquired about the security of the system. MP Kadri Simson who took part in the meeting explained that digital solutions are based on the trust of the people as well. “If you trust a bank with your money then the next step is trusting the electoral committee with your vote. One out of four voters in Estonia cast their vote electronically,” Simson said.

MP Kalev Kotkas, who also took part in the meeting, gave an example from the field of agriculture and described how IT solutions allow farmers from the island of Hiiumaa to communicate with PRIA. The two Speakers also talked about digital recipes.

Another topic at the meeting was European-African relations and democratic development.

Many African countries have expressed great interest in the Estonian e-state and e-services; for example Namibia, Ghana, Angola and Botswana wish to build up similar systems and Estonia is planning to cooperate in this. An e-state information system similar to Estonia is being built in the Northern African country of Tunisia. 

Photos of the meeting.