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According to the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu Marko Mihkelson, the meeting of the members of the Chinese delegation and the Foreign Affairs Committee was sincere and open-minded. “During the meeting we first of all concentrated on the current situation and future of bilateral relations. In the last twenty five years, the relations between Estonia and China have been very dynamic, and the construction of the new embassy building in Beijing should give a symbolic impetus to the further development of relations,” Mihkelson said. Speaking of bilateral economic relations, he stressed that today the mutual investments are still minimal and therefore the potential for stronger trade relations is not used yet. His Chinese colleague remarked that Estonia could be more interested in the idea of the new Silk Road that would be a connection especially to West-China and the western states of Eurasia. She also pointed out the great perspective of our food industry on the Chinese market. 

Mihkelson said that his colleague Fu Ying was very moved by the procession and her first impressions of the Song Festival, stressing her respect for the event that is of such great importance to the identity of our people. Mihkelson invited her also to the second concert of the Song Festival on Sunday, so that she could have an immediate experience of the great festival of the Estonian people. 

“At the meeting we also admitted that in order to understand each other’s culture and history better, the media channels of both countries should pay more attention to the developments in China and Estonia. The cooperation between universities has for years been good and has had great results, and it is easy to build different projects proceeding from our common interests on it,” said Mihkelson. 

Besides Mihkelson, Imre Sooäär, Juhan Parts, Vladimir Velman, Andre Sepp, Maimu Berg, Barbi Pilvre and Margus Hanson also took part in the meeting. 

The visit of the Chinese colleagues was a return visit to the visit of the delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu to Beijing in the beginning of May. 

During the visit the Chinese delegation will also meet Väino Reinart, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The guests will also visit the ICT Demo Centre. 

The Riigikogu Press Service