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At the Riigikogu sitting, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Priit Pikamäe gave an overview of courts administration, administration of justice and uniform application of Acts.

In his report, Pikamäe focused on the problems of courts administration. He noted that the Estonian court system is entering an era of generational shift. “The personnel statistics on our judges confirms that, in the next few years, nearly one third of the judges will reach the retirement age. Thus all court instances are facing a large-scale generational shift which in turn will bring about the need to find a considerable number of capable lawyers suitable for the office of judge to courts,” Pikamäe said. “At the same time, the time-costliness of the competitions of judges and lack of lawyers with the necessary qualifications in certain regions may become a serious obstacle to the administration of justice,” the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court explained.

Pikamäe said that, at the same time, the high percentage of failure of the competitions of judges shows that the current Courts Act needs a decisive amendment as regards the organisation of becoming a judge as well the serving as a judge. “In order to change the situation, the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the self-government bodies of judges is preparing a relevant Bill on amendments to the Courts Act that will also hopefully be delivered to the Riigikogu for deliberation within this year,” Pikamäe explained. He expressed the hope that the deliberation of this Bill in the parliament would become a constructive exchange of ideas on the problems of restaffing the judicial system.

The representatives of factions Toomas Vitsut, Heljo Pikhof, Kalle Laanet and Jüri Adams who took the floor during the debate highlighted issues relating to the activities of courts and the legislative activities of the Riigikogu.

Video recordings of the Riigikogu sittings can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/riigikogu

(NB! The recording will be uploaded with a delay.)

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