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At today’s extraordinary session which began at 10.00 p.m., the Riigikogu concluded the second reading of the Act on Establishing Price Limits on Monopolies (597 UA) which the President of the Republic had refused to proclaim.

In total, seven motions to amend the Act were submitted, of which the Riigikogu supported four amendments submitted by the Economic Affairs Committee. The amendments made by the Economic Affairs Committee liquidate the legal vacuum in the formation of the prices of the water service and the connection charge in the transition period before the Competition Board will begin to coordinate the water service, according to law. They also specify the provision delegating authority of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications upon setting the requirements on the basis of which the network operator enters into contracts with the heat producer, and make other specifications.
The third reading of the Act is scheduled on the extraordinary session at 1.10 p.m.
The Riigikogu Press Service