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The Vice-President of the Riigikogu and the President of the Baltic Assembly Laine Randjärv spoke at the Nordic Council sitting in Stockholm. She emphasised that the situation is currently tense, with the security of the region, especially in the field of energy cooperation, making all of us face new challenges. Randjärv called on the Nordic Council to join the Eastern Partnership Programme.

“We cannot hope for real peace or security in Europe if the signed agreements are not respected. We must prevent the division of countries between spheres of influence. At the moment, it is important for all of us to see the security and balance restored in our close neighbourhood, in Ukraine,” Randjärv said. “Although the final election results have not been confirmed yet, there is hope that democratic values will be restored in Ukraine and that the people can return to their everyday lives. Regional energy cooperation will add to the feeling of security that supports stable economic development.”

Randjärv added that the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council have already launched Eastern Partnership cooperation with the Visegrad states – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

The sitting of the Nordic Council, which is taking place in Stockholm on 28–30 October, concentrates on the issues of security, free movement of people, environment, and health care.

In addition to participating in the session, Randjärv will also visit the Estonian congregation in Stockholm.

The Riigikogu Press Service