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At its sitting today, the Riigikogu passed the statement of the Riigikogu “In Support of the European Union Common Foreign Policy and in Defence of Civic Freedoms in Russia”, submitted by 57 Members of the Riigikogu.

Full text of the statement:

“The Riigikogu emphasises that the European Union Common Foreign Policy has been set up to protect the interests of the Member States in international relations, proceeding from our common democratic values.

The Riigikogu firmly believes that the interests of Estonia as well as the other Member States in major global issues are better protected when the European Union follows the principle of strong consensus in shaping its Common Foreign Policy.

The Riigikogu stresses that in relations with Russia, it is particularly important to maintain clarity and remain true to our principles when discussing difficult topics, and that the European Union institutions must draw serious conclusions from the recent visit to Moscow of the European Union High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, which fell short of these requirements.

The Riigikogu calls on the Member States of the European Union to bring their policies regarding Russia up to date, in light of the authoritarian developments in Russia over the recent years and the country’s aggressive tendencies in foreign policy.

The Riigikogu believes that the European Union must cooperate closely with the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and other Western democracies in shaping its policy regarding Russia.

The Riigikogu maintains that a practical and mutually respectful dialogue with Russia is only possible if Russia respects its international commitments and abandons its aggressive foreign policy that undermines the territorial integrity of its neighbours.

The Riigikogu evokes the commitments undertaken by Russia upon its accession to the Council of Europe in 1996, including the commitment to protect democracy and the rule of law, to implement the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, and to ensure human rights and freedom of the media to its citizens.

The Riigikogu condemns the violence of Russia’s law enforcement authorities against its own citizens who have protested against corruption and have demanded that their constitutional civic freedoms be guaranteed.

The Riigikogu demands the liberation of the people detained in peaceful protests in Russian cities or arrested for expressing their opinions, including Alexei Navalny and the other political prisoners.

The Riigikogu urges the Member States of the European Union to strengthen the sanctions at the international level, with the objective of putting actual pressure on Russia to respect its international commitments.

The Riigikogu encourages the Member States of the European Union to support and defend the civil society in Russia.“

62 Members of the Riigikogu voted in favour of passing the Statement (333AE), three voted against, and there was one abstention.

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